The Maya calendar was a complex system for tracking interrelated cycles of time.
Starting from a basic 20-day cycle, the Maya described it in inscriptions on monuments
as increasingly larger intermeshed cycles, some continuing far into the incomprehensible future. Most frequently inscribed of the larger cycles was the bak’tun, a count of 144,000 days (394.25 years). December 21, 2012 marked the completion of  13 bak’tun cycles
(a total of 5,125 years) since a date marked in Maya inscriptions as the mythic day
when powerful gods put the earth and sky in order and the current Maya Era began.
This calendar continues the count forward into the fourteenth bak’tun and provides basic Maya calendar information in 47 richly illustrated pages describing the fundamentals
of the Maya Tzolk’in, Haab, and Long Count calendars.

Sample pages from 47-page introduction

Lords of Time Maya Calendar - © ancientime

122 pages


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